Naretoi e.V.

Support our work with your donation!

Naretoi e.V. is a fully accredited nonprofit organization in Germany.

We appreciate any support, whether in the form of one-time or regular donations or the sponsorship of a child in Massai Mara, Kenya.

100% of your donation will go directly to the support of the Naretoi project work. We do not use one Euro of your donation for any overhead. All expenses administration, travel, fees, postage, telephone, etc. are covered by membership fees. PayPal will take a small percentage, but they give us the full nonprofit discount.

A sponsorship commitment provides a child with education and school needs and boarding if necessary.
Donations for any budget: we have needs from buying school uniforms, providing textbooks and other valuable teaching aids, to, cover the school fees of children and cost of the teacher from the adult education program.

  • 10 a child gets a pair of shoes
  • 30 a school uniform
  • 100 covers the costs for a month in the adult school
  • 300 € a child in boarding attending a primary school for one year


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